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    Smart phones…Dumb people

    That why I’ll keep my crappy old box phone.

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    Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (1886), John Singer Sargent

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    one of the paste ups I did today as a reminder to all boys with man buns to never abandon ur man bun it is a beautiful thing

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  • "When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?"
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    Careful, the water’s a bit nippy today.

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    hahahahaha <3333

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    Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

    This looks like my bedroom

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    Most people associate soy with tofu and soy milk. However, only a small portion of soy is consumed directly by humans. In fact, most of the world’s soy crop ends up in feed for poultry, pork, cattle and even farmed fish. The expansion of soy to feed the world’s growing demand for meat often contributes to deforestation and the loss of other valuable ecosystems in Latin America. 

    To grow soybeans, vast expanses of land are needed. Production is overtaking huge areas in fragile ecosystems such as:

    • The Brazilian Cerrado (a relatively flat, mixed woodland and savannah area of central Brazil),
    • the Amazon,
    • the Chaco, and
    • the Atlantic Forests of South America.

    This threatens wildlife and biodiversity. It also adversely affects people, the global climate, water reserves and soil quality. 

    In South America, almost 4 million hectares of forests are destroyed every year, 2.6 million of them in Brazil alone.

    Limiting (or you know, completely avoiding) consumption of animal-based food products, particularly meat, is one thing people can do to help end this devastating trend. 



    i was expecting scary anti-vegan commentary but i am v happy about the fact that there is none

    This is a wonderful post.

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    my internal struggle that i deal with everyday. the devil and angel on my shoulder. 

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    This guy shot into a car of black teenagers and killed one for playing their “thug music” too loud at a convenience store and is (rightfully) sentenced to life in prison. And how do they portray him? Crying, “heartbreaking final words”, “learned his punishment”.

    WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK!  He shot and killed their son and his words are heartbreaking!?  Their grief is heartbreaking and his sentence is perfect.  Shall I find another rapist that is crying for you to portray as the victims too?  Fuck this man.  Fuck the media.  Fuck my country.  

    More than likely the thugs probably were in the wrong. This man is a hero for standing up to street thugs. Chances are EVERYONE of you moaning about the victims would have wanted to shoot the gangsta thugs too.

    Uh…are you joking?  Mother fucker unfollow me now and don’t you ever darken my posts with your ignorance.  You didn’t read a single article about this did you?  You see “thug” or “gangsta” and assume it was a black person that deserved to die.  Fuck you.  This mother fucker shot into a car full of teenage boys because of their rap music being too loud.  Bitch I blasted Disney with some heavy fucking base all day yesterday and if I would have been shot and killed I would have risen from the dead to terrorize the shit out of my killer.  Loud music is not a reason to kill someone and listening to rap while being black doesn’t make you a “gangsta thug”.  Sit yo ass down, shut the fuck up, and realize that you are a racist.  Grow the fuck up man.  

    This is a fucking problem. I legitimately worry that people will judge me if I blast rap songs in the mother fucking car that I pay for when I go to the job that I hold because I was the most qualified.  But guess the fuck what, not anymore.  Fuck society and it’s expectations, I’m fucking black and I will always be black.  I will blast, rap, rock, pop, classical, or your mother fucking eulogy if I damn well please and you can keep your opinions to your mother fucking self.  

    And this is another example for “thug” or “gangsta” being the new way in which folks say nigger.   This is also why Thug Kitchen pisses people off.  White people will never be seen as thuggish, but this mother fucker assumed that the killing of teenage boys is okay because they are “thugs”.  Doesn’t matter if they were valedictorian, president of the chess club, held down two jobs, and took care of their siblings, once a black person is labeled a “thug” or “gangsta” it’s fucking open season.